Customer Management

It is important for businesses to respond to customers demands accurately and quickly. From the customer management screens; customer data can be edited, customers can be assigned, and you can manage queued customers.

Only users with admin authority can access the customer management screens. If your business model requires all users to access these screens, you can grant access from the authorization groups screen.

Customer List

You can access all the customers contacting you through the channels you have connected to the MessageGate panel, and all the records of these customers, from the customer list screen, and make adjustments to them.

If you want to view a customer's records, find and select the customer from the list. You can use the filter option to find the customers you are looking for more easily.

On the customer card on the profile screen that opens; The user name on the platform that the customer communicates with, the platform he communicates with, the status information and the tag information.

By clicking the edit button on the customer card; You can change the status to active/passive, unblock the customer if any, or add a tag to the customer that you have created before.

Click the recordings tab to view the customer's conversation recordings. On the left side of the screen is a list of all the conversations the customer has had with your business. Click on the conversation you want to view the details of.

On the right side of the screen, you can view information such as the status, agent, start date, end date and duration (time) of the conversation you have selected.

If you want to view the speech content, you can follow the MessageGate Manager > conversation history path, select filter to access the speech content.

To edit the customer's information, click the edit button next to the customer you want to edit in the customer list. Set the status option to passive to block the client. Set to active to unblock the client. After editing, click the update button.

Assigned Customers

Some industries and business models may require the appointment of a customer-specific agent. It is very easy to achieve this with MessageGate.

With the assigned customers feature, it is possible to make a customer meet only with a specific customer representative. After the customer assignment is made, when the customer wants to talk to the customer representative, he/she only appears on the screen of the customer representative to whom he/she is assigned.

To assign agents to customers, go to the Customers > Assigned Customers tab.

Click the add new customer button on the top right. After selecting the customer representative to be assigned, enter the customer's information and click the create button to complete the process.

You can view the profile and conversation records of the customers waiting in the queue via the queue management screen, transfer the customer from the queue to an online customer representative or delete the customer from the queue.

You can see the number of customers waiting in the queue from the waiting in the queue indicator on the main page in the MessageGate Omni-Chat panel.

For queue management, go to customers > queue management tab.

Click the logs button to view the customer's profile and conversation logs. Click to learn more about the registration screen.

Click the edit button to transfer the customer in the queue to an online agent. Select the agent to transfer.

If you want to permanently assign the customer to the agent you have chosen and make all calls with that agent, check the Assign this agent as a permanently assigned customer? box. Click the update button to complete the process.

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