MessageGate Segments

Create highly accurate target audiences with MessageGate Segments, increase your campaign success rates! Send high-quality campaign content template messages with Whatsapp Template Messages and Messenger Recurring Notification features to the segments you have created, with up to 97% opening rates.

You can add tags to the relevant parts of your conversations with your customers, either manually or automatically with a chatbot, and then you can create customer segments with these tags.

If you wish, you can automatically send the customer information in the created segments to the CRM services used by your business or receive them in .CSV format. Also, if your business has an existing segment list, you can easily upload it to MessageGate in .CSV format. Click to learn more about MessageGate services.

Warning: In order for Whatsapp Template Messages to be sent to the information in the segment you will upload, users must have chosen to receive notification and given clear consent text approval. Otherwise, the number and business quality may be adversely affected and blocked by META. Click to get detailed information about Whatsapp business policies.

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