Customer Agent Management

You can add any number of customer representatives to the MessageGate panel according to the needs of your business.

To add or edit an agent, click Authorizations > Agent from the left tabs on the MessageGate Manager screen.

Click the Add Agent button to add a new agent.

You can select department, role and behavior on the registration screen in accordance with the information below.


You can create departments suitable for your business from the department tab on the left side of the MessageGate Manager screen. You can then assign your customer representatives to these departments you have created. Thus, your customer representatives will only receive messages from the selected department. Click to learn more about department management.


Agent accounts you create can take on one of the Admin, Agent and Department Manager roles. Roles let you manage agents' access permissions. You can edit the access permissions of the roles from the authorization groups tab. Click to learn more about authorization groups.


Behavior options let you specify how agents are assigned speech from the queue. You can learn the functions of these options from the explanations below.

Normal: Customers transferred to the customer representative are automatically assigned from the queue. Conversation transfer cannot be made to him/her by another representative/administrator.

Assigned Only: No automatic assignment is made to the customer representative from the customers waiting in the queue. If another representative/manager transfers to him/her, he/she can talk to customers.

Normal and Assigned: It is the option that both features are active. Transfers can be made to the customer representative both automatically from the queue and by other users.

After filling in the information on the registration screen, you can complete the process of adding a customer representative by clicking the create button.

The number of conversations automatically transferred to the agent from the queue is limited. For example, if a customer representative is actively talking to 10 customers, the conversation from the queue will not be transferred to that representative. The customer representative can manually pull the conversation from the queue by clicking the Button button in the inbox section of the Omni-Chat screen.

To set the number of conversations automatically transferred from the queue to the agent, click the edit button next to the agent on the agent screen. Enter the maximum number of conversations to be transferred automatically in the number of active conversations section. Complete the process by clicking the Update button.


It is recommended that your agents change their current password when they first log into the MessageGate Omni-Chat panel. Password change can be done by clicking the Icon icon on the top right of the Omni-Chat screen.

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