Report Screens

To businesses with MessageGate reporting screens; It provides the opportunity to make performance analyzes about the channels, customer representatives and tags it connects. You can customize the reports with filter options and perform more specific analysis.

After logging into the Chat Manager screen, there is a general report screen on the main screen. You can quickly observe your business status on this screen. To access more detailed reports, you can select the relevant report from the reports tab.

The contents of the reports in the Reports tab are as follows;

Total Talk Time: You can view the talk time statistics of chatbot and customer representatives.

Total Talk Elapsed Time: Elapsed talk times can be viewed in situations such as chatbot, online and queue.

New Customer: You can view your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly number of new customers.

Representative Response Times: You can view how long it takes to respond to your customers who contacted you within a certain date range. You can change the date range from the filter option at the top left of the screen.

Representative Routing Report: You can access data such as the number of customer assignments made by customer representatives and the number of customers assigned to customer representatives.

Monthly Message Statistics: You can view monthly incoming, outgoing and total messages. By selecting different years from the filter option at the top left of the screen, you can view the monthly message numbers for the year you selected.

Tag Statistics: You can view how many people and who are tagged (connected) with the profile and conversation tags you have created. You can access the statistics for that period by selecting a specific date range with the filter option at the top left of the screen.

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