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MessageGate makes it possible for messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger to deliver simpler, safer, more flexible and customized communication experiences between brands and customers.

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MessageGate: Discover the power of messaging

Messaging platforms contain substantial gaps in terms of brand-customer communication as they are actually designed for one-to-one individual communication:

  • Need for dedicated customer representatives for each customer.
  • Lack of offering navigation to discover your products and services.
  • Absence of customer support as well as purchasing and payment processes.
  • Incapability to monitor and target audience.

All-purpose solutions of MessageGate restores your power to directly communicate with your customers by opening the gate for brand-individual communication.

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Customer Journey with MessageGate

Utilize MessageGate to deliver both instant support and shopping-by-messaging experience. MessageGate enables your customers to:

  • Register or login to your system using their WhatsApp account
  • Give consent regarding personal data within a single step
  • Perform searches amongst your product and services through queries containing just a few words or images
  • Select and add products to cart as well as making the payment just by messaging your agent or your chatbot
  • Complete the purchase and share location info. The last step is shipping and delivery

Shopping via WhatsApp. That’s it.

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Single-point solution for all purposes


Data Consent with a Single Click

Stepping in at points where customer’s data consent is needed, MessageGate Integrated Consent Management Module makes it possible to keep time-stamped “yes/no” inputs by customers where their express consent is required.

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Remove Registration Forms with WhatsApp Login

Save your customers from the login and registration hassles of e-commerce. MessageGate WhatsApp Login connects your customers to the platform in the simplest and fastest way possible. Remove the registration form and turn it into a dialogue!

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Get to Know Your Customers Closer

By tagging and categorizing sessions, MessageGate Segments enables you to classify your customers according to their profile, chatbot sessions and transactions. Reach them anytime you want!

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New Methods of Communication:
MessageGate Solutions

MessageGate provides single-point management for the technology you need by providing different modules, all compatible to each other.

MessageGate Connect provides single point connection to all messaging platforms your brand exists.

Your customers can reach you through various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram. MessageGate Omni-Chat saves you from managing each channel separately and leads the way to communicate through a single channel.

The simple message management interface of MessageGate Omni-Chat presents all incoming messages on a single screen and makes it possible to respond to them instantly or direct messages to the customer representatives right away.

Design your own automated dialogue flows to be used in communicating with your customers. User-friendly interface of MessageGate Chatbot simply provides designing the dialogue flows to communicate automatically and simultaneously with numerous customers, without requiring a dedicated customer representative for each customer.

MessageGate Chatbot also enables creating advanced dialogue flow designs through the nodes such as if-else, multiple choice and loop contained in its design interface.

Also, MessageGate Chatbot is fully capable of becoming integrated with the systems used in purchasing, stock queries and refund processes with its service extension node.

Sell products while you communicate with customers, without logging off on WhatsApp! MessageGate enables you to:

Show the exact product your customers search for,
Let your customers add products to cart,
Process payments,
Initiate delivery to the shared address and complete the purchase process.
Plus, you can automate the process from the beginning to the end with the programmable MessageGate Chatbot support.

Plus, you can automate the process from the beginning to the end with the programmable MessageGate Chatbot support.

There is a simple way of offering products and services to the customers: search via image or text.

MessageGate lets customers find and purchase the right one amongst your products through queries containing a few words or images. MessageGate finds and shows the most compatible products with the queries of customers.

No cash, no credit card, no contact. Fast and secure. MessageGate Payment Gateway provides fast and simple payment processes by connecting link payment methods such as iyzico, paytr and paynet.

MessageGate platform is fully capable of working various AI applications in the background as well as integrating AI service extensions of your choice. As an example, the Address Parser service is here for you to integrate to the system to automatically perceive the address details entered by the customer for delivery. All AI services your brand requires are provided by MessageGate, separately or integrated.

MessageGate Segments enables defining tags or profiles on Chatbot sessions.

By this way, you can segment your customers according to the requests or transactions they perform, therefore analyze the needs of your customers in the most precise way possible. Plus, it provides better insights and simple operations for segment-defined campaign communications. MessageGate Segments is fully compatible with MessageGate Integrated Consent Management Module.

Join direct communication with correct targeting
Increase the efficiency of your campaigns

Facebook Conversions API contributes in increasing the efficiency of your digital ads by tracking conversions through WhatsApp interaction of your customers. Integrated with the MessageGate Consent Management Module, it helps in better understanding the customer behaviour.

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