Recurring Notification

A New Way to Keep Your Customer Communications Alive

Send regular notifications to customers who want to receive notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis!


Get to Know Your Target Audience Better!

It assists you in achieving your objectives, such as Brand Awareness and Reach, from the top of the conversion funnel to customer acquisition.


Combine direct communication with correct targeting

Using MessageGate Segments, you create highly accurate targetaudiences and increase campaign success rates!


Are you ready to discover the latest approach in commerce?

MessageGate Commerce enable you to make sales by messaging your customers.

MessageGate Bullet

Single-point solution for all purposes


Data Consent with a Single Click

Stepping in at points where customer’s data consent is needed, MessageGate Integrated Consent Management Module makes it possible to keep time-stamped “yes/no” inputs by customers where their express consent is required.

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Conversational Leads with WhatsApp & Instagram DM

Give your potential customers what they want with Lead Ads, which can be used in many different types. Make the most of the data in your Leads ads with SignalSight!

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Get to Know Your Customers Closer

By tagging and categorizing sessions, MessageGate Segments enables you to classify your customers according to their profile, chatbot sessions and transactions. Reach them anytime you want!

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