MessageGate C-Commerce

Are you ready to discover the newest form of trading?

With MessageGate C-Commerce, businesses not only provide their customers with a quality messaging experience, but also offer their customers an experience where they can perform all the steps of shopping, such as product selection, cart creation, address registration, payment and shipping selection through the channel they communicate with.

Businesses can quickly turn their ads and promotions into sales by combining the C-Commerce feature with Meta ads and notification types such as Click to Whatsapp Ads, Click to Messenger Ads, Messenger Recurring Notification and Instagram Recurring Notification.

With MessageGate, you can integrate your product and stock information from e-commerce infrastructure platforms such as Shopify, Ideasoft and Ticimax into the MessageGate platform in seconds.

For the integration of your products into MessageGate:

Click the "" link to go to the integration section on your console screen.

Click on the button of the platform you are a member of and follow the directions.

After the integration, all the updates you make on the products and stocks on these platforms will be reflected on the MessageGate screens within minutes.

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