Message Definitions

MessageGate has many features for businesses to offer their customers fast and quality communication over social messaging platforms. Some of these features are to be able to send routine messages such as welcome and termination faster, and to send bulk template messages to a certain segment.

The features included in message management are the features that shorten the call times and increase the productivity of the customer representatives.

Instant Messages

With the instant messages feature, you can define the answers you give to your customers as standard in certain parts of the conversation and the answers you give to your frequently received questions in your MessageGate panel and send these answers to your customers with a single click.

To create instant messages, go to message definitions > flash messages tab.

Click the create button at the top right of the screen.

Enter the message you want to compose. If you want to send emojis in your messages, click the emoji icon and select the emoji you want to add to your message. Complete the process by clicking the Create button.

If you want to edit the instant messages you have created before, click the edit button.

You can send the instant message you created to your customers from the instant messages option on the Omni-Chat conversation screen.

Termination Messages

When the conversation with the customers is completed, the ending conversation must be terminated so that a new conversation can come from the queue. When you click the end button on the Omni-Chat > ​​customer profile screen, you can end the conversation by selecting the appropriate termination reason. The reason for termination will not be notified to the customer.

If you'd like to add more termination reasons to suit your business model, go to Chat Manager > message definitions > termination messages.

Click the create button and enter the termination reason you want to create.

Click the create button to complete the process.

Template Messages

With MessageGate Chat, you can tag your customers either automatically with the chatbot or manually during the conversation, and then you can create segments from the tagged customers. Click to learn more about tags.

You can send template messages to the segments you have created via Whatsapp. Whatsapp template messages are special message formats that businesses use to send notifications or customer service messages to customers who have chosen to receive notifications. Messages; may include appointment reminders, delivery information, problem resolution or payment updates.

The template message feature is charged separately by Meta. MessageGate is added to your subscription plan price and notified to you.

In order to use the template message feature, you must first add a valid payment method on the MessageGate console screen. Click to add payment method.

It performs the template message creation process for you by getting approval from Meta Legal Service Provider (ZZG Tech) Whatsapp. To create a template message, please contact us via the support section.

After the template messages are approved and added to your account, you need to create a keyword in your main stream. With this keyword, when your customer clicks on the button in the template message you sent, the flow will be triggered and the conversation will be started again with the chatbot.

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