If you add channels belonging to your business via the MessageGate console screen, a main flow is automatically assigned to these channels. The current main flow only has the agent node by default. Thus, from the moment you connect your channels, you can receive incoming messages on the agent screen.

You can edit your main flow or create a new flow to add rule-based chatbots to your channels. Click the flow tab on the chat manager screen to create or edit a flow.

Click the add button to create a new flow.

Give your flow a name and enter a description of your flow to avoid confusion.

If you want to set the flow as mainflow, check the always access the flow box. In this case, you should determine your main flow from the channels section. For more information about channels, click .

If you want a specific keyword to be entered in the flow you will create, enter the keyword and click the add button. It's recommended to set a keyword of letters, numbers, and symbols to test before customers enter your feed. If all functions of the flow you have created work fine, you can remove the keyword by clicking the edit button in the flow list.

Choose which platforms you want to flow from platforms.

Select which channel you want to use from the Channels section.

Click the save button to complete the flow settings and switch to the flow editing screen.

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