New Way to Keep Contact with Your Customers Messenger Recurring Notification!

Recurring Notification is the latest Messenger feature that allows businesses to initiate messages with their customers on a variety of topics by sending repeated and continuous notifications. Are you ready to discover this innovation with MessageGate?

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Keep Connected With Your Customers!

You can choose the one that best use cases to ensure that your customers prefer to receive notifications from your business.

  • Promotions

    Discount Alert
    Early Access Discounts
    Special Offers

  • Product Warnings

    New Product Notifications
    Pre-Request Notifications
    Restock Alerts

  • Content Notices


  • Events

    Upcoming Discount Alerts
    Event Reminders

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Recurring Notifications

Recurring Notifications is the newest Messenger feature that allows you to send regular notifications to your customers who want to receive notifications, by daily, weekly and monthly bases.

Entry points for Messenger Recurring Notifications opt-in

Stop or Continue!

Customers can stop receiving notifications at any time or choose to receive notifications again.

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    Personalized Notification Experience for Customers

    Customers seek to catch events and new opportunities. The Recurring Notification feature allows businesses to send bespoke notifications to their customers.

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